Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival consists of the tastes, sights, and sounds that encompass the Salinas Valley’s wealth of individual talents combined with the bounty of our fields, vineyards, farms, and ranches.

As the micro-brew revolution continues to grow across the U.S., craft breweries have seen amazing growth. Whether you want an Indian Pale Ale, a Porter, an English Bitter, or a Double IPA—the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival is your chance to enjoy the finest hand-crafted brews produced in the Salinas Valley.

Director of Wine, Mayra Villareal
(831) 770-9212

Firestone Walker 805

It began innocently enough: a couple of brothers-in-law sitting around debating the subject of good and bad beer. Instead, their search for a decent ale led them to brew their own. Given Mr. Firestone’s winemaking bias and Mr. Walker’s complete lack of fermentation experience, they believed 60-gallon oak barrels were the appropriate vehicle in which to create their perfect elixir. OK, so initial attempts were forgettable. But like so many great ideas, out of that disaster was born a handy invention – the Firestone Union.

Fog’s End Distillery

Located in Gonzales CA, Fogs End Distillery, is reminiscent of small family distilleries, which flourished on American farms whose customers were family and friends.

Where the batches were small with emphasis on quality through the slow and gentle use of a copper still. Today, the renaissance in farm distilling is known as



Alvarado Street Brewing Company

Unfortunately we’re kind of selfish when it comes to brewing. We brew styles that pique our own interests and allow us to learn more about our craft. But what we strive for is to make sure there’s something for everyone in this ADHD-approach to beer making. Most beers listed below will not be available all the time, but as we continue to evolve as a brewery, you’ll see many of these reappear, along with exciting new releases. Maintaining the fun part about brewing is important to us, so we try not to get too tied down to any particular styles or brands.

Brew -N- Krew

Marlene and Steven both grew up in East Salinas. They both have their careers, are parents to two kids and are home brewers. Their brewing motto is: Making Dope Beer Con Cultura! 

When this project started, they had three conditions:  to have their Mexican culture in every beer they make, any public event they host would be family friendly, and regardless of the circumstances they will always try to give back to their community.

Don Elias Tequila

For generations the family of Don Elias Robles has been making tequila from the legendary Mexican blue agave cactus. Using traditional methods for
growing and harvesting that have been passed down for generations, the agave is cared for until only the best plants are selected to become Don Elias Tequila. The agave is then harvested by hand when a “jimador” uses his razorsharp spear called a “coa” to trim the spikey and thorny leaves that protect the “pina”. The pinas are then taken to the factory where they are quartered or halved, baked and crushed in preparation for distilling the tequila.

Although the burro and the stone mill have given way to more modern methods we still follow the old ways of making the best tequila. If time has taught us anything, we’ve learned that tequila, time is everything. After cooking and distilling the blue agave cactus, the aging process determines the final flavor for Don Elias tequila. The four flavors of Don Elias tequila are Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.

Tequila Alderete

The Alderete Family has a long tradition in the agriculture industry beginning in the 1950´s. It all started when Jesús Alderete Sr. left his ranches in Jalisco, México in search of the American Dream in california. Using his farming experience, he started a business to help farmers in California plant and havest crops.

The business was a success and still lives on today with more than 5,000 employees and client list of over 30 elite farmers in California and Arizona agriculture. The family tradition is as strong as ever and is now a third generation run- company, with me, Jesse Alderete Jr. as the President and his children, Sabrina, Ronnie and Jesse III.

Full Circle Brewing Co.

 In 2016, the oldest running brewery in the Central Valley met its new owners. Today, Full Circle Brewing company is, literally, at the center of the California Craft Beer Boom!

We are…

  • EXCEPTIONAL CRAFT BEER – Taste the passion, commitment, and experience in every glass and can.
  • BEERTAINMENT – Concerts, roller derby, bike polo, dodge ball, pub quizzes, craft nights, art shows, and other exciting events, infused with quality brews.
  • REVITALIZATION and REBIRTH – We are not only breathing new life into this old brewery, but are committed to reviving Downtown Fresno and our own historic Chinatown.
  • GROWING FAST – We have increased our production capacity 15-fold, and have increased revenues 335% is just the last two years.
  • COMMITTED TO THE COMMUNITY – We provide EDUCATION through our Brew University program at Fresno State, PRESERVATION though our efforts to revive historical locations, CONSERVATION through our cooperation and donations toward the Killwood Bark Beetle Crisis, and PARTICIPATION by supporting local artists and businesses.)

Pacific Grove Brewing Co.


Pacific Grove Brewing Company is located on the coast of California’s beautiful Monterey Bay. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll to the beach to catch a few waves, or enjoying the incredible scenery of California’s amazing redwood forests – PG Beer has the perfect beer for your adventure.

“California’s Last Dry Town.™”
Seriously. Pacific Grove, CA was the VERY last town in California to allow the sale of alcohol. Until 1969 the sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited within its city limits. Luckily for us (and you) alcohol is allowed now, and to honor those who couldn’t get delicious, ice cold, refreshing brew, we’ll crack open a cold one and keep you in our thoughts. Cheers! – The Tope Family.