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Here are some performances and acts from previous years…


Aditi Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco-focused, non-profit ethnic dance organization. We promote the living arts for daily survival with style through education, youth scholarships, performance and touring, and multicultural programs of dance and inter-arts in Monterey County.

The organization is dedicated to the preservation of cultures through dance. Its creation in 1999 was inspired by the successful concert, Concierto Homenaje-a Lorca, celebrating this universal artist, and was funded in part by an Arts Initiative Grant from the Cultural Arts Council of Monterey County.

Aditi, Sanskrit for “creative abundance”, promotes the living arts for daily survival with style, through education, youth scholarships, performing and touring, and multicultural programs of dance and arts.

Danzas Aditi, formed in 2003, is a professional touring ensemble that choreographs, stages and performs traditional dances and innovative collaborations accenting cultural and artistic commonalities, while revealing the authentic uniqueness of each dance.


Estampas de las Americas

It’s a non profit organization committed to the education and diffusion of the Mexican folklore heritage trough the performing escenic arts.


Belly Dancers Studio 34 Dancers

Hassan Yousef Deeb is an award winning professional male belly dancer performer and instructor throughout the U.S.A. He is the master of double veil and finger cymbals. His exciting, energy packed performances are rooted in Turkish & Egyptian Cabaret. He is a celebrated performer at local events and venues. He is a passionate teacher and is now bringing his funand challenging teaching style to weekly classes, private lessons and workshops in Monterey County. He is the professional dancer representative of Studio 34, who helps to promote public awareness and appreciation of Middle Eastern dance.Marion has been gracing the stage performing various dance forms. Her passion is dance, and her mission is to share the magic of dance with the audience. She formed Studio 34 and in hope to become a catalyst of passing on the joy of movement to culturally diverse music to the Community.


Monterey Salsa

Monterey Salsa has been dancing and performing Salsa rhythms in Monterey County and beyond. The goal of the group is to provide a positive activity for everyone in our community to learn about Latin Culture through it’s Dance and Music.


Ash Dance 

Ash Dance has an active cultural dance group, studying and performing Indian cultural/folk dances. They have been invited to perform and showcased traditional Indian Folk/Cultural dances at various events.


Samba Legal Brazlian Dance & Music

Pronounced ‘leh-gao’, meaning “cool, hip”. Performing steadily around the peninsula with vibrant, colorful dancers, we play Rhythms from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro-Samba Reggae, Samba Afro, Samba, Parade Style Drumming and more!