More Produce in Schools

The Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival is proud to raise awareness and to raise funds for “More Produce in Schools,” a vital program of the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation.




ABOUT More Produce in Schools:

More Produce in Schools is a proactive, innovative solution to a serious local and national health problem. Although surrounded by wholesome and healthy produce, our community and children of the Salinas Valley are not immune to the national obesity epidemic. The time is now to encourage and provide healthy lifestyle choices for children.

Grower-Shipper Association Foundation (GSAF) is leading a solution with produce by bridging connections between schools and the agriculture community for the health and wellness of the next generation.

Salad bars are the best way to provide kids with access to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy also helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal discomfort, and other health risks. Though, our schools do not have the resources and, at times, the information to properly feed our children with fresh produce necessary for a well-balanced and healthy diet.

GSAF not only solicits donations from local companies and individuals to purchase salad bars for Monterey County schools but also works directly with schools to help find effective solutions to provide more fresh produce.

To learn more:

Grower-Shipper Association Foundation
512 Pajaro Street • Salinas • CA 93901 • (831) 422-9007