The Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival is host to exemplary wines produced in the Salinas Valley or produced with wine grapes grown in the unique micro-climate of the Salinas Valley Vitacultural region.

Salinas Valley Wine Country has the land, climate, and comprehensive approach to wine grape growing and wine making that makes it one of the leading producers in California. The history of the wineries, the families behind them, and the area itself, tell a unique story that is captured in the many varietals found in the Valley.

The bond that this area has with the earth is unparalleled. As a well-known wine grape growing region and  “The Salad Bowl of the World,” growers in the area have the utmost respect for the land and the bounty that it brings. Come share in this wonderful harvest with us.

Are you a winery who would like to showcase your wines at the Annual Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival? Please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Registration & Waiver below by the June 30th deadline.
  2. If it is after June 30th, submit the late entry fee of $50 using the PayPal link (cards accepted).
  3. Email a high resolution logo for promotions to

Director of Wines, Brews, and Spirits
Elizabeth Cantu