The Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival is host to exemplary wines produced in the Salinas Valley or produced with wine grapes grown in the unique micro-climate of the Salinas Valley Viticultural region.

Salinas Valley Wine Country has the land, climate, and comprehensive approach to wine grape growing and winemaking that makes it one of the leading producers in California. The history of the wineries, the families behind them, and the area itself tell a unique story that is captured in the many varietals found in the Valley.

The bond that this area has with the earth is unparalleled. As a well-known wine grape growing region and  “The Salad Bowl of the World,” growers in the area have the utmost respect for the land and the bounty that it brings. Come share in this wonderful harvest with us.

Director of Wine, Mayra Villareal
(831) 770-9212

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De Tierra Vineyard

De Tierra Vineyard is a family-owned and operated winery producing handcrafted, award-winning wines from the Monterey County. Our grapes are sourced from a handful of distinctive sites with cool microclimates and favorable yet unique soils. As our name suggests, we have focused on providing the best representation ‘of the land’ in Monterey County. Great wines begin in the vineyard, and it is our goal to translate unique flavors of place, into great Monterey County wine.

Hahn Estates

The Hahn Estate Tasting Room is nestled in heart of the Santa Lucia Highlands. As you sip on our award winning wines, take in the sights and sounds of true wine country as you look out over the Salinas Valley. Our tasting options include award winning wines from Hahn Winery, Hahn SLH Estate, Lucienne, and Smith & Hook. Also, sample reserve and small lot selections that are only available here at the winery. All of our tasting flights are available daily and without reservations. Picnic areas available on our patio deck and lawn. Touring and private tasting options are available by appointment only.

Puma Road

Ray Franscioni is a third generation Monterey County farmer. Ray and family have gained a reputation for providing the finest grapes to some of the industry’s best known producers. It is only recently, though, that wine lovers could collect wines from the Franscioni vineyards under the family’s own labels. From the Santa Lucia Highlands, San Benito County and Monterey County, Ray Franscioni and family have introduced their limited Puma Road, Pedregal, and Lilia releases. Wines with a delicious sense of place, the result of two decades wine growing experience…

Odonata Wines

Odonata Wines is a small family winery based here on the west side of Santa Cruz. We do our best to focus on local grapes that are organic and grown sustainably. We work closely with the growers to ensure the highest quality wines from the vines to the glass. Odonata wines are made to be accessible now, but will also age beautifully. They will always be handmade in small batches to exemplify the unique qualities of the varietal and vineyard.


Al Scheid first purchased property in Monterey County in early 1972 when Monterey wine grape growing was in its infancy. Al, a graduate of Harvard Business School and an investment banker and entrepreneur, was running his own investment company and became intrigued with the idea of vineyards as a tax shelter vehicle – heavy investment on the front end and no income until at least five years into the project. After determining that it was a sound plan and Monterey County was an ideal region, Al scouted for vineyard ground, and found a customer for 100% of the grape production before even one acre was planted. This was soon followed by the Vineyard 405 limited partnership and Al Scheid’s career in wine growing had begun.

Pessagno Winery

Pessagno Winery fulfills a twenty-year dream to produce limited quantities of exclusive luxury wines from prestigious single vineyards throughout Monterey and San Benito Counties. The winery is known for creating wines of distinct character and elegance. It will forever prosper as one of California’s finest wine sources.

Blair Estate Wines

Pinot Noir is very particular. There are few places on earth where climate and soils combine to provide just the right conditions for this noble grape. The Arroyo Seco district in Monterey County is one of  those sites. For five generations, our family has lived and farmed here. We are proud to share these limited release wines from our home with you…

Chalone Vineyards

High atop the Gavilan plateau the ocean breezes sweep the remarkable terroir of the Chalone vineyard, with it’s volcanic limestone soils that give the wines distinctive flavor.

Marin’s Vineyard

Thoughtfully hand-crafted wines that reflect our grass root efforts and ranching heritage – specializing in Syrah and Viognier of southern Monterey County.

Pierce Ranch Vineyards

Pierce Ranch Vineyards is a small, family-owned operation centered in southern Monterey County’s San Antonio Valley appellation. We produce limited-run, estate-grown wines with an emphasis on Spanish and Portuguese varieties.

Austin Harlow/Midlife Crisis

Austin Harlow Winery was established in 2014 by Bill Austin of Monterey Peninsula, a long time wine enthusiast. The flagship brand is “Mid Life Crisis Wines”, officially released in March 2015. Drawing grapes from some of the best vineyards in California, the Mid Life Crisis Wines offer both intense and complex flavors at a great value. The Mid Life Crisis lineup consists of Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel (from a vineyard planted in 1935), a San Benito County Zinfandel, a Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon (from grapes planted in the Clements Hill region), a Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County Pinot Noir (from an appellation considered to be one of the best in the world), and Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County Chardonnay.

Cima Collina

Cima Collina produces artisan wines from small Monterey vineyards. The idea of an “artisan wine” is the partnership with growers who meticulously cultivate vineyards, the insistence on using only carefully chosen fruit, and the creation of wine on a barrel-by-barrel basis.

The focus on Monterey vineyards is an acknowledgment that this region is now and will continue to produce wines that are interesting, compelling and unique. Many factors conspire to make this a truly gifted region for growing grapes. With the cool maritime climate, well-drained soils and energy of our winemaking colleagues, a dynamic renaissance is currently underway in our region.

We invite you try the wines of Cima Collina. We are confident we will meet your highest expectations of what an artisan wine should be.

Le P’tit Paysan

We did not set out to make these wines. We discovered great vineyards at the edge of sensible farming and decided to bring them to light.

The farther we looked, the more we found – remote, challenging vineyards, with hard depleted soils, and intense sunlight tempered only by the coastal breeze. Vineyards capable of producing only the most idiosyncratic wines. Our goal as winemakers is to lightly polish the roughest edges and leave the idiosyncrasy intact. It is here in the back country, filled with individual character, where Le P’tit Paysan comes to life.

We are not in “wine country.” We have no trophy wineries, nor posh tasting salons. This is farm land, desolate hills, and solitude. What we do is simple, without artifice, and we enjoy it.

Delicato Family Wines

Delicato Family Vineyards is one of the fastest growing wine companies in the world, celebrating 90+ years of California winemaking and grape growing heritage. Family-owned and operated since the company’s founding in 1924, three generations of Indelicato family have fostered the winery’s commitment to innovation, quality and environmental stewardship – cornerstones that have harnessed the family’s long-term focus and solidified the winery as an internationally recognized leader in the industry.

Boete Winery

In the early 80’s John Saunders met the well-known Monterey farmer and grape grower, Gary Pisoni. Gary introduced John to the craft of wine making and for four years the two of them made wine as a hobby. In 1994, John and his wife Jana traded their 250-acre citrus orchard in Soledad California for 15 acres in Carmel Valley; land that had gone uncultivated due to lack of water. The first water well John drilled had gushed enough water to irrigate his vineyard forever. In early spring 1997, they planted their first vineyard on their sun-drenched hillside.

The result is the Saunders Vineyard and his own label, Boete (Bwah-tay). The secret of the wine, Saunders says, is in the quality of the grapes, and old world wine making techniques that utilize French Oak barrels.

Working in the vineyard and at the winery is a family affair with sons Jesse, Sam, and Dillon working full-time alongside their dad. John makes all the vineyard and wine making decisions, with great attention to detail being paid throughout the growing season and the wine making process; from pruning to fermentation and aging, to blending and barrel selection.

Today, more than 6,000 grapevines grow on 7 acres, producing fruit that is widely regarded as some of California’s best.

Miraflores Winery

Miraflores Winery was founded in 1998 by Dr. Victor Alvarez. Our first vines of Syrah and Zinfandel were planted during that year and our first vintage was produced in 2003. Today, on our 252 acre property, we now have 45 planted acres of 16 different grape varietals. Our renowned winemaker, Marco Cappelli, has been creating our wine from the very beginning and brings his old world experience and knowledge from wine making in France and Italy to the table while integrating unique and modern wine making styles.

Integrity Wines

What does sincerity and truth have to do with wine? — It’s this:

We carefully source all the ingredients from our wines.
We make our wines in small batches.
We care about hand-crafting.

And we do all of this because of you.


Carefully sourcing all the ingredients for our wines means better wine that’s better for you.
Hand-crafted small batches means we have more control over quality and we can make a wine just for you.

We got into this business because we noticed that even though wineries told us they cared, they still put their name on wines that weren’t tasty and reliable, year over year.

We knew we could do better.

Integrity is not just about the wine itself. It’s about everyone who helped create this wine experience. It’s complete when we add you. That’s integrity.