The Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival consists of the tastes, sights, and scents that encompass the Salinas Valley’s wealth of individual culinary talents, combined with the bounty of our fields, vineyards, farms, and ranches. The Festival boasts foods straight from Salinas Valley’s rich and diverse agricultural lands and tastings perfectly prepared by the exceptional chefs at restaurants throughout our Valley.


This is your complete Salinas Valley culinary experience with select chefs focusing upon the Food Heritage of the Salinas Valley. We have identified culinary brilliance from many of our Valley’s top chefs and brought them all together for this one-day annual Festival.



At the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival, we have a variety of food samplings for your enjoyment! All the foods are locally sourced and freshly prepared; be prepared to be awed.



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Director of Food, Lindsey Knight
(831) 238-3387